the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Salone del Mobile, Milan 2013
curated by Claudia Linders, Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova

LIVE FACTORY MAKE MY DAY consisted out of three closely connected zones, which explored various notions of the production process. The human body and the relationship between the human body and its surrounding space are the connecting themes in the LIVE FACTORY. Students and alumni of the Royal Academy of Art experimented with raw materials, techniques and forms in the LIVE FACTORY production line. Daily performances put to the test a human simulation of machines. On a 25 meter long table made of plaster, visitors saw the results of students' research in a dynamic, continually growing exhibition.

The exhibition design and execution of LIVE FACTORY MAKE MY DAY was supervised by tutor Barend Koolhaas and realised by students Interior Architecture & Furniture Design; Steven van Beijeren, Ellen de Fockert, Hatice Killinç, Dirk Veugelers and Jelleke van der Wijst.

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